zaterdag 22 december 2012

Interview with Tom Blubaugh by Nick Wale


This time Nick Wale had a very nice interview with author Tom Blubaugh!

Q) Tell me about your books– what are they called and where can we buy them? I think people will be kept hooked by Night of the Cossack.

A) The only book that is still in print is Night of the Cossack. It’s a story about my maternal grandfather. He died before I was born and I missed knowing him. In fact, both grandfathers we deceased when I was born. I knew very little about either of them, but I did know my maternal grandfather was a Cossack soldier. This always fascinated me. I wanted my children and grandchildren to know him so I basically created him in this historical fiction. The history is 100% accurate, but he’s 95% fiction at this point. 

Q) How do you promote your work? What internet sites do you use?

A) Every possible way I can–blog and radio interviews, blog articles, speaking, book signings and I’m on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Pinterest and more. I’m working with a marketing consultant to pull all of my multiple thousands together and further develop my name and sales. 

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zaterdag 15 december 2012

Interview with Terry Irving by Nick Wale

Hey all!

Nick Wale interviewed the infamous Terry Irving for his latest interview! 

Q) It’s a pleasure to meet you, Terry. Let me ask you something personal before we begin. You didn’t come across Bobby Darin on your journalistic travels, did you?

A) He died in 1973. I did interview Ricky Nelson about Elvis Presley.

Q) Really? What was he like?

A) Dumb as a rock.

Q) No way! I like Ricky.

A) I was doing a story on the seventh anniversary of Elvis’ death and all the hagiography was just beginning. He had a fantastic manager that had all the stories about Colonel Tom down. Ricky was a loss. Also met Colonel Tom Parker at Elvis’ birthplace and Sam Philips in the the original Sun Studios down in Memphis.

Q) Colonel Tom was a genius in my opinion. I’m a huge Elvis fan and I don’t think Elvis would have been as big without Tom Parker.

A) He might have been bigger. Tom (Parker) kept him from growing. Do you know that he didn’t start advertising until Elvis’ shows were completely sold out? He created a frenzy.

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woensdag 12 december 2012

Interview with author Nicky Peacock

Hey again!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicky Peacock about her latest work and writing :)

Books & Writing: Do you remember the first story you wrote?

Nicky Peacock: The first story I ever wrote was about a scarecrow when I was 5 years old – I was told off by my teacher because it came across a bit sinister!

Books & Writing: Were you inspired by someone or something?

Nicky Peacock: I think I was just fascinated with scarecrows at the time – kind of still am.

Books & Writing: What do you love about writing a story?

Nicky Peacock: I love shocking the reader – whether it’s a twist in a tale or an untrustworthy narrator. My aim is to have them want to read it again.

Books & Writing: Can you tell us a bit about your latest book and the main characters?

Nicky Peacock: My latest book is called ‘Bad Blood’ and is a vampires VS zombies urban fantasy set in England. The main character is called Britannia and is really fun to write. The book is first person from her point of view and she’s a 4 hundred year old vampire with a short fuse and a long patriotic streak.

Books & Writing: How did you come up with the story for the book?

Nicky Peacock: I read a lot and was actually looking for a vampires VS zombies book – I couldn’t really find one, so thought I’d write it!

Books & Writing: How long did it take for you to write the book?

Nicky Peacock: From start to finish – about 6 months.

Books & Writing: What attracts you to Horror and the Paranormal?

Nicky Peacock: I think it’s always been a part of me. Ever since I was little I’ve been drawn to the genre. It’s very rare that people come to like horror – you either love it, or you don’t.

Books & Writing: What do you like about writing short stories?

Nicky Peacock: This is awful, but that they take less time. A short story can go from idea to publication within months – a book can take years. I tend to have a lot of ideas so I get excited about my latest one – keeping the excitement alive for a longer manuscript can be difficult.

Books & Writing: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Nicky Peacock: Yes, join a writers’ group. If there’s not one near you – start one. It’s easier than you think (I did this myself)

Books & Writing: Which author inspires you?

Nicky Peacock: I have quite a number of authors who inspire me. I like the longevity of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Characters. I like the poetic gore of Poppy Z Brite. I love the worlds created by Karen Marie Moning and Laurell K Hamilton. I also admire Amanda Hocking for showing that Indie can work.

Books & Writing: Where can people go and read your work?

Nicky Peacock: I have an Amazon author page: – where you can see and buy all my published books.

Books & Writing: Where can people find you on internet?

Nicky Peacock: I have a blog: and I’m also on Twitter @nickyp_author. Feel free to friend me on FaceBook too – just input my name and check the photos for a scary looking blonde!  

Books & Writing: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers?

Nicky Peacock: My latest book from Untreed Reads ‘Years End – 14 Tales of Holiday Horror’ is out now – it’s a great read ready for the new year and can be downloaded straight from the publisher’s website, or through Amazon on my page. Click the banner below to go to the page.

dinsdag 11 december 2012

Nick Wale reviews the book "Courier" by Terry King

Hello again!

This time Nick Wale reviewed the upcoming book Courier from Terry Kingwitch according to Nick will be a bestseller! Don't forget to check out the entire review by clicking on the link below the out take.

Work of fiction it may be, but, Courier delves into a vein of thought that many Americans have often pondered. What other travesties might Nixon have been committing behind the scenes? It is a well known fact that he was one of the most prolific foreign policy presidents and deemed his endeavors in that field as some of his greatest achievements. It is also well known that he was powered by money. One of his first moves post-Presidency was to engage super agent Irving “Swifty” Lazar and gain a huge advance for his overly long memoirs. The main motivation for that fatal Frost interview was also money. Is it so inconceivable that he wouldn't take bribes from South Vietnam?

Courier makes me wonder. I was not born during those heady days of Vietnam or when Nixon held the greatest power in the world at his fingertips. I was born during a different generation and in a different country. I only know of Vietnam through the books I have read and the history lessons I took at school. To many who were there, however, this book will bring back memories of Nixon and what he stood for. He was the man who bought America to its knees and then almost defaced the whole ideal of a Presidency.Courier brings all the injustice and behind-the-scenes activity of such a President into play. During this era, a man like Rick Putnam would have been killed for knowing such information. History has shown that there were no depths Nixon wouldn't claw to just to remain the President of the United States

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donderdag 6 december 2012

Interview with Douglas R Cobb by Nick Wale

Hello everyone!

Nick Wale also does interviews with writers and from now on I will post some stuff from his interviews on this website. So feel free to check out the interview he has done with Douglas R Cobb. 

Q) Your daughter seems to be a big influence on your writing. I bet she is proud that her dad is a writer. Tell me– are you the same as any other dad back home with the family?

A) Though I always have loved to write, and I majored in English in college, I hadn’t really tried to sell any of my short stories, poems, or novels. I got wrapped up in starting up a family, getting a job, they usual sorts of things most people do with their lives. But, my daughter did get me back interested in writing, when she requested that I write a book about her dog, Lily. I ran with that idea, and made her into a talking pterodactyl, and the crime-fighting head of an organization of her friends, also mutant animals, called PAWS (Private Army of Warrior Sleuths). It’s become a series, beginning with Lily, Unleashed, the first book she inspired. After that, there’s Lily and Paws: The Ghosts of Summer  and Lily Solves Them All, in which Lily must solve 7 crimes using the methods of 7 of the world’s most famous detectives of literature and the Silver Screen. Included are Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple. Then, I wrote My Brother The Zombie: (The Zombie Revolution: Book One). My son’s photo is on the cover of that one. He’s also been an influence on my writing, especially with that book. And, my last book is Crossing The Dead Line, though I’m working on a Lily and PAWS Christmas novella currently. You and your girlfriend are in it, you know. (Nick laughs- “really?”) Yes, you two are werewolves–nice ones, so don’t worry–LOL.

Q) Thanks Douglas! Lori and I appreciate it! Did you see my latest interview? I gave a huge shutout to you, buddy! Hope you heard it in Arkansas!

A) Yes, I did–it was one that everyone who loves great literature should read, so that they can learn more about you and your book. I’m sure that it will be a hit, when it is published. Thanks for the shout-out! (Douglas paused for a moment and looked straight at me, a smile broke out on his face.) A brief answer for once, LOL…if I get too long-winded, just hit me upside my head once or twice…

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