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Interview with author L. D. Hutchinson

Hi again :)

My latest interview is with author L. D. Hutchinson who was kind enough to answer my questions :)

Books & Writing: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

L. D. Hutchinson: My name is L. D. Hutchinson (Leah D. Hutchinson) I'm eighteen years old as of December 10th I'll be turning nineteen. I've been writing since I can remember, mainly Paranormal type things though. I grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania but now live in Ohio. I love to travel, if I could I would travel the world. I'm a huge horror buff and a massive Stephen King fan. I have four cats and three dogs. In my spare time I tend to make book covers (All of mine but two were made by me.) and work on trailers for my books that I have yet to even use. I love, love, love music. I don't honestly think I could function without it somewhere, especially rock music. Oh, and I am a pretty big nerd.. trust me, as well as a gamer. 

Books & Writing: Do you remember the first story you wrote?

L. D. Hutchinson: Yes actually, it was a fan fiction for Silent Hill. It was about 80 pages long but I lost it a few years ago.

Books & Writing: Were you inspired by someone or something?

L. D. Hutchinson: Honestly, just the game. I had just gotten done playing it and had the events stuck in my head so the fanfiction was born.

Books & Writing: What do you love about writing a story?

L. D. Hutchinson: I love the feeling of being able to just create a world that is purely your own. Your own places, races, people all of it, I get a thrill from it.

Books & Writing: I understand you have written several books in the Shadows in the Dark series. How did you come up with the story for the books and can you tell us something about the main character(s) 

L. D. Hutchinson: I came up with it when I was a kid, it was a bad dream I had and I wrote it down. -- Habit of writing my dreams down constantly -- When I looked at it later I just started forming people and events and bam you have Shadows in the Dark. 

The main character is Avangeline, she's in her 20s, and a witch though she didn't know that until recently and she's thrust into the world with the only knowledge that she is the heir to a vampyric clan. Her best friend Sarah happens to be a Vampyre, and Sarah's Fiancee aswell. Phoenix is her assigned Guardian and he's a nasty Vampyre, don't think he knows how to smile. Then there's Blaine, a demon that she has known since childhood who so happens to have been guarding her his whole life from the war that's been threatening everyone. Fun life, right?

Books & Writing: The last book, you have written, as far as I know, is "Book of Curses (The Renning Chronicles)". Can you tell us a bit about that and when you will release the next part of the series? 

L. D. Hutchinson: Book of Curses is my first novel, it follows twins, Raine and Tom Renning as they go through their 18th birthday only to be sucked into a alternate world that dwells within' a book. They find out that they just so happen to be the 'chosen' ones to help end a war, and kill Gods but that's not the fun part. They're teamed up with creatures that you could only imagine in movies or your darkest nightmares for help. It's about choices, hardships and doing the right thing. Though there's some humor in there too at times.

I don't think i'll be releasing the sequel until next year sometime, but I have novella's coming out to hold everyone over. The first of many 'Fang' should be released late Oct- Early Sept. 

Books & Writing: You have also written some short stories I believe, so what attracts you in short stories and are they bundled in a book or are you planning to bundle them? 

L. D. Hutchinson: It's more stories of characters that are going to be in other books. I always write back stories for my characters, so I figure why let them go to waste, right? 

Books & Writing: Are you working on something new? 

L. D. Hutchinson: Yes, a book called The First Flame. It's the first in a series called "The Elemental Series" it'll follow a girl who comes into her powers at a really strange moment in time, and is thrust into a world she never knew to learn to hone and control those powers though while learning her and everyone else there is threatened and at risk of dying. It'll be more adult themed though probably.

Books & Writing: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? 

L. D. Hutchinson: Just don't stop regardless of what people throw at you! If you keep pushing sooner or later you'll get to that place you want to see yourself.

Books & Writing: Which Author inspires you? 

L. D. Hutchinson: Oh wow, that's tough. I have so many that do, Stephen King, Julie Kagawa, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dean Koontz, J. K. Rowling just to name off a few.

Books & Writing: Where can people go and read your work?

L. D. Hutchinson: Amazon, Smashwords, my pages on Facebook, Barnes & Noble. 

Books & Writing: Where can people find you on the internet? 

L. D. Hutchinson: facebook.com/Iridescentheroine; facebook.com/Leahdianehutchinson and any other side pages, there's also my personal website. http://leahdianehutchinson.wix.com/ldhutchinson#!home/mainPage

Books & Writing: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers? 

L. D. Hutchinson: Just to keep constantly checking back on my pages and sites for updates, and to keep persueing what they want in life. If I can get here, they can get anywhere they want in life. Happy reading you guys!

Below is an excerpt from the Book of Curses!

I moved on without a second thought, not even bothering to be sneaky about it anymore. We made it to Fang and Nixon quickly, well as quickly as I could manage without tripping and knocking over anyone. Talon moved next to me keeping his gaze down and grabbing Nixon, nearly shaking him to death. I could hear him growling under his breath but he didn't give up on what he was doing.

All I could do was watch him, hoping that Nixon snapped out of this, and came back to reality. “Snap out of it, now!” He nearly screamed in his face, I took hold of Fang and turned him towards myself. I kept repeating his name, and started shaking him a bit trying to get his attention. Then, I heard Amamai scream.

“You two! Get those girls away from them, the rest of you, seize them!” She cried, pointing at us. I could feel the blood leaving my face.

The panic started to take over me, and just as the others began to charge toward us I felt Fang's hand move. It lashed out, grabbing a vampire that stood behind me, and his eyes snapped down to me. “What, in the name of the gods, is going on?” Fang growled at me, and then threw the vampire off to the side.

Nixon was next to me almost immediately, throwing two more vampires off to the side. I pulled my sword up, turning and shouting out for Dolphus and the others as I started fighting alongside Nixon, Fang and Talon.

I saw a demon smile in front of me. It was a sickly smile, he was too pale looking, with eyes that had no pupils or iris's, they were simply black. Within a second of looking at him, I fell to the ground gasping for the air that I seemed to lack now.

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