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Interview with author Sadie Brown


Today I am talking to author Sadie Brown who is a London based Author and Comedy writer. She moved to London from Sussex eight years ago when she was singer and song writer in search for a record deal. But after nearly 13 years in the business she decided to take a break. Sadie never stopped writing and she was itching to get back into her creative life but she knew she didn't want to sing so she started to write short stories, dipped her toe into acting as well, but quickly started to write short scripts and comedy sketches. Her love for writing was stronger than ever and it was then that she decided to write her first book inspired by a real life relationship.

Books & Writing: Do you remember the first story you wrote? 

Sadie Brown: Actually when I was at primary school I used to write short stories to entertain my class mates! I seem to remember something about a toothbrush getting lost – What can I say : I was so innocent!

Books & Writing: Were you inspired by someone or something? 

Sadie Brown: I wasn't a popular child and I detested school altogether! I used to spend most of my classes day dreaming out of a window imaginary I was performing to millions like Madonna. I was a chubby kid with frizzy hair and I quickly discovered that if I was funny the other children would laugh with me not at me and I would hold there attention with what I was saying rather than my three chins. As a teenager I had a pretty dark time too so I started to write poetry to escape and along with my songs I was in my own world where I was loved for my talents and it didn't matter what I looked like.

Books & Writing: What do you love about writing a story?

Sadie Brown: For me the feeling I get when I write is my all time high. I empty my head completely and only think about what I want to write. I tend to have a subject in mind for a little while, maybe a week and then I pounce on it when the moments right and it pours out. I never think about whether people will like it or not I just focus on getting down what I want to say and boom – I'm done. I love love love! writing comedy and scripts as it is complete fantasy and you can take it wherever you want to where as a book takes a lot more discipline and structure. Also if something pisses me off I just let it go as I know I can write about it later!

Books & Writing: What do you love about comedy?

Sadie Brown: I think it comes naturally to me to be funny, right back to when I was at primary school, I think that's my calling in life! Plus I'm a happy positive person and laughing makes you feel good so it's joyful to write. I wouldn't want to write about heavy topics, It's not me. Even when I write about depression or heartbreak it's always with a comical twist as I want the reader to feel uplifted and inspired to get over these things that can bring us down. Women always comment that they find my writing and tales inspiring and that is really important to me too.

Books & Writing: I understand you are in the final editing stages of your book “ALL THESE THINGS’. Can you tell us a bit about the book and the main characters, and how did you come up with the story for the book?

Sadie Brown: All these things” is a story inspired by a past relationship with an ex boyfriend of mine *Daniel. The book is based solely around the two of us from the day we first met to our eventual and messy break up.The book follows the slow breakdown of my character, from confident and extrovert at the beginning of the relationship, to a shadow of my former self as a result of Daniel's emotional bullying, cheating, and constant battering of my self esteem.

I share my internal battles with the reader - not only as if they were in my shoes, but also in my head and heart. They feel the anguish that I did of enjoying the ride of hot sex and the high of travelling, whilst masking doubts and watching myself being slowly turned inside out. As the relationship deteriorates, the good times become extinct and Daniel shows his true colours leaving my character in a constant state of worry and stress while Daniel takes full advantage in every way he can.

An emotional read as well as incredibly humorous, there is of course a happy ending! It's not sugarcoated by any means but it does complete the cycle, and has the reader witness my glorious return back to my former self - only a more improved, more vibrant and wiser version!

Books & Writing: When will it be published?

Sadie Brown: I'm meeting with publishers at the moment without having an agent which is pretty rare!But I believe in the book so much so I've pretty much worked myself into the ground networking it I am blessed to have support from some media figures that have been fans of my other writing for a while including my on line journal and comedy sketches. I've shown how serious and dedicated I am to writing and publishers need to see your not a one hit wonder in today's competitive market I think.

Books & Writing: Are you planning a release party for the book? 

Sadie Brown: I plan to have a party for everything! I'm equally passionate about all of the projects so whatever my first breakthrough is be it my book or my journal being published - I will have a celebrate each deal. I live my life by the law of attraction so I've already written my guest lists :) 

Books & Writing: You have also written a diary styled book and are woring on the second one. Why did you decide to write a diary styled book?

Sadie Brown: I love to write short punchy pieces and it was at the suggestion of a well respected agent and also publisher that I think about writing in a diary style for my second book due to the nature of the story. This book 'The London Years' Is a diary of my time from when I first moved to the city as a struggling singer and songwriter right up until the point that the story 'All these things' is based around. This book is packed from the beginning with tales from the music business, the first time I fell in love, and got my heart broken, to over coming depression, illness and making it out alive! I've wanted to cover this period of my life for a long time and I have the skeleton ready to get going which I plan to later on this year as my priority for summer is too see one or more of my projects published and a pay cheuqe!

Books & Writing: Can you tell us a bit about the writing you have done for tv?

Sadie Brown: While I was acting a few years ago, within a few months I started to write my own scenes and show my tutor who advised me I was more of a writer/director than an actor. I quickly started write a handful of short films which I acted in as well, but for me creating a script was more me. I put together a number of characters for a sketch show idea then one day a had a massive light bulb moment and the idea for a sitcom was born. I have to say writing the sitcom feels nothing like work it's pure fun! While I''ve put the sketches on the back burner for now I'm pitching the sitcom and it the feedback is good – I can't wait to out in into production one day and I would love to developed the sketch show too, I want to to it all!

Books & Writing: How is the script coming along for the movie?

Sadie Brown: This is again something I dream of shooting one day. I have friends that are features writers and fully understand the level of commitment needed to write a successful script, so for now this is a personal extra project for me that I want to work on in the side lines.

I have my characters and storyline all written out and scenes too so in true me style – I'm saying it's a personal project but I know I'll go all out at some point! It's actually the first serious work I have written and it's a love story set in New York in the 1940s. I love the idea of doing something visually rich where I can mix in my love of fashion ; see- carried away already!

Books & Writing: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? 

Sadie Brown: If you passionately believe in your writing you won't give up just because you got a pile of rejection letters. If you really feel with all of your heart that you will succeed - then you will. One of my favourite saying is 'Whether you believe you can or you can't – you're right'

I would also say stay true to yourself but flexible. Two years ago I just had the book to promote and I naively thought I would land an agent just like that and get my big deal. But when that didn't happen I tried to think of others ways to write so with the suggestion of a friend I started my on line journal which grew and grew in a short space of time and got the interest of publishers so you never where something may take you. I wrote the sitcom while I waiting to hear from various agents on the book so that took my mind off the wait, and even though I didn't sign with them I was so happy I'd created something new I took the rejection and brushed it off, keep writing always!

Books & Writing: Which author inspires you?

Sadie Brown: As I write in different disciplines I'm inspired by different types of writers. I grew up watching The Young Ones, Monty Pyton, Fawlty Towers and Bottom so those writers I love, I would love to work with David Walliams, and I think Julia Davies is a genius. I love Caitlin Moran, Bret Easton Ellis and Alain DeBotton's 'Essay's in love' was recently recommend to me by a friend and I found it so refreshing and not something I would have chosen myself.

Books & Writing: Where can people go and read your work?

Sadie Brown: My on line journal is where readers can get to know me and my writing style. I write about my life in London and experiences, I like to keep to keep it light and fun! My aim is always to make people smile and feel good about themselves : I'm light entertainment I have interest in getting heavy on line.

Books & Writing: Where can people find you on internet?

Sadie Brown: My twitter is @sadiewriter and my journal is

Books & Writing: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers?

Sadie Brown: Just to keep writing and remember that if something doesn't turn out the way you planned or you didn't get the agent or deal you wanted – that's because something better is coming up for you. I never thought I would give up singing and write a book! But I wouldn't change a thing and I've never felt happier – stay open and love all that you can and it will come back to you!

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