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Interview with author Stacy Eaton


This time I had the pleasure of interviewing author Stacy Eaton about her books and writing.

Books & Writing: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Stacy Eaton: I laugh when someone asks me this question because I never know where to start.  So, let’s start with the fact that I am a full time police officer and I spend a lot of time investigating crimes and helping others.  I have my own business. I’m a wife and mother of two.  I volunteer with the World Literary Café and I write when I have time. 

I love music, martial arts, cars and photography.  I always have music playing, if I am trying to do paperwork or write, music is always playing. I need the little bit of distraction to keep my focused.  I am a classic type A person and it is very rare for me to just sit still and do nothing, except when I am reading.
Books & Writing: Do you remember the first story you wrote?

Stacy Eaton: Sure do.  I never inspired to be a writer.  In October of 2010, I got an idea, I sat down and I wrote it. My Blood Runs Blue, the first book in the series was born, and since that day the creativity runs fast and continuous through me.

Books & Writing: Were you inspired by someone or something?

Stacey Eaton: I can’t say that someone inspired me.  I was working, out patrolling the township I work in and the idea was born.  As I drove around the dark streets, the plot thickened and I just went with it.

Books & Writing: What do you love about writing a story?

Stacy Eaton: I love to put twists and turns into a story.  There is not a person alive that does not have curve balls thrown at them from time to time. So adding those to the stories is like adding pieces of life. I love being able to use my creative nature to help others enjoy themselves.  It humbles me to hear someone say they really liked my story.

Books & Writing: Can you tell us something about your upcoming book “Whether I'll Live or Die...” and the main characters?

Stacy Eaton: “Whether I’ll Live or Die” is a very intense and emotional story about a girl Amanda who goes from one abusive relationship to another. It is not a light and fluffy book, but a very intense novel and digs into the harsh realities of domestic violence. Officer Nicole Nolan will deal with domestic abuse in her job with the legal aspects of it. So far I have had just a few beta readers look over it and they have all enjoyed it.  I am hoping to have it released by July 2012.

Books & Writing: How did you come up with the story for the book?

Stacy Eaton: Being as I am a police officer, I see a lot of domestic violence in my job.  It is serious problem that many people do not know how to deal with.  I am hoping that if a victim or a family member reads this, they might find the strength to get out of the situation. 

Books & Writing: How long have you been working on the book?

Stacy Eaton: I started writing WILoD last summer. I have quite a few things works in progress so I was shifting between voices for a while until Amanda and Nicole demanded my attention so they could finish their story. Currently it is with my editor, I should have it back soon and I will begin some re-writes before a final edit and publishing.

Books & Writing: I understand you also wrote a series of books called “My Blood Runs Blue”. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Stacy Eaton: Currently 2 of the 4 books have been published. “My Blood Runs Blue” is the first one and it was published April 2011.  “Blue Blood for Life” is the second in the series and it was released in September of 2011. I am currently working on book 3 and I have not decided on the title as of yet.

This series is a Paranormal-Suspense-Romance novel.  It brings vampires and law enforcement together.  Using my knowledge of law enforcement, I brought the vampires in to give them more humanity.  It is an adult series with sexual content and adult situations and language. I have found that this series is widely received by both male and female readers. 

Books & Writing: Are you working on something new?

Stacy Eaton: Yes, quite a few things actually.  Besides finishing up WILoD and book 3 of the series, I am in the process of writing a new series entitled “Garda” about guardian angels.  I also have a novel called “Liveon” that is a contemporary romance, and a very gritty intense series about addiction that I am working on with another author.  I have thoughts on another paranormal series someday in the future and a few other plotlines for stories in my mind, but they need to stay there for a little while. I don’t have enough time to work on anything else! Lol…

Books & Writing: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Stacy Eaton: Find other authors who are willing to help you promote.  The World Literary Café is a great place for new authors to come for all kinds of help.  We have tweet teams, authors hosting other authors for interviews, promotions and help for authors just getting started!

Books & Writing: Which author inspires you?

Stacy Eaton: One of my biggest fans is Melissa Foster.  While I love her writing, it is what she does for others that inspire me the most. She gives all that she can to help other writes succeed.

Books & Writing: Where can people go and read your work?

Stacy Eaton: My Blood Runs Blue:

Blue Blood for Life:


Books & Writing: Where can people find you on internet?

Stacy Eaton: Facebook Fan Page:

Twitter: @StacySEaton & @WLCDrillSgt



World Literary Cafe: Where Authors, Readers, Bloggers & Reviewers Unite:

Video Trailers:

My Blood Runs Blue:

Blue Blood for Life:

Books & Writing: Is there anything else you want to share with the readers?

Stacy Eaton: Thank you so very much for hosting me today! I am always excited to hear from readers and authors so I look forward to any comments that they might have. 

Below is an excerpt from the book "My Blood Runs Blue"! 

Chapter 4 - Julian's Memory

We turned to look at one another meaning to only say a polite goodbye.  We were eye to eye, almost exactly the same height, so close I could smell her without trying.  The current was soaring through me and she parted her lips, staring into my eyes.

“Jewels,” she said so quietly I could barely hear her over the noise of the bar.  She looked at my lips and I wanted to move closer to her and touch mine to hers.  She looked back up into my eyes then and said, “The two stones that are within my soul, sapphires for the dark of the sky and aquamarines for my dreams of the beautiful blue oceans in the heat of the summer.”

I started into her eyes; they were a liquid blue, bright and warm.  I couldn’t keep myself from saying, “Calista… you don’t know how much I want to take you in my arms right now and run away with you.” 

Her eyes widened then, and a smile crept along her face. “Then let’s run,” she said…


Chapter 15 – Kristin’s Dinner

Before I could change my mind, Julian was standing up and pulling my chair back so I could stand.  He put his hand on my back and led me out of the restaurant.  Currents of heat were running up and down my spine from where he gently touched me.

When we got out to the parking lot, he started walking me over to his car.  His 1968 midnight-blue Mustang sat under a large parking light.  I was in awe of this vehicle.  It was a vehicle I had dreamed of over and over again, and as I walked up to it, I wanted to replay the dream right then, right there.

When we got to the vehicle, he unlocked the door and pulled it open, setting the take-out bag in the back.  I was standing beside him watching him, not really breathing.  When he looked up at me, our eyes locked again and he took a step closer to me.  I emptied my lungs slowly, staring into his jeweled eyes. My knees were shaking and I wondered if they would hold me up.

Over his shoulder I could see a man watching us, but right this second I didn’t want to think about any other man.  I only wanted to think about this man, this incredible man with eyes like jewels who was stepping closer to me, looking down at my lips.

When he got close enough that I could smell his breath, I finally stopped breathing.  My eyes half closed, waiting in anticipation.  In the back of my mind, I heard footsteps, but they didn’t really matter to me.

As Julian put his lips to mine, my life seemed to flash before my eyes.  Bits and pieces of things that had happened to me, and things that I thought had happened, but I couldn’t really remember, were flying through my mind.

The kiss was gentle at first, but after only a few second, our bodies fell against each other and we were holding on for dear life.  Oh God…I thought…Oh God…

When we finally separated from the kiss, I felt him kiss my cheek and my jaw.  I felt him kiss the side of my neck and nuzzle it slightly, lips teasing on the veins of my neck.  My eyes were barely open; I was in heaven.

But just then two things happened. Two small sentences were said that would forever change my life.

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