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Interview with author Erika Lindsen


My latest interview is with author Erika Lindsen where she talks about her books "THE THREE SIBLING ADVENTURES" and "Soul".

Books & WritingCan you tell us a bit about yourself?

Erika Lindsen: Love to. I was born June 12, 1987 in a small town in northern Ohio. I began writing, mostly poetry and songs, at age thirteen. I wrote my first novel in 2010. My first published work entitled, Night of the Doll, was featured in the January 2011 issue of the Horror Zine. As my alter-ego Erika Talbot, my first children’s book entitled, The Three Sibling Adventures: What We Want To Be, was published by Solstice Publishing in March 2011. For my Three Siblings book, I, along with Solstice, have given 100% of the royalties to the Toledo Children’s Hospital, where my nephew Joey is receiving treatment for leukemia. When not visiting my two nieces and nephew, I write, (seriously a lot) and spend time with my husband. We have three children (we call them our kids), a dog named Scooter, a cat named Princess, and a rabbit named Hoppity Hop.

Books & WritingDo you remember the first story you wrote? 

Erika Lindsen: I remember everything I write anymore. My first novel I’m still working on. Truly I believe in the story and have gotten great feedback on it. Call it my first love, but I can’t let it go!

Books & WritingWere you inspired by someone or something?

Erika Lindsen: I’ve always been a reader.  Romance has always inspired me. When I wrote my first novel, the goal was romantic suspense with paranormal aspects. It turns out the correct name is urban fantasy.  Horror and the paranormal have also been a love. Can’t write a story without those.

Books & WritingWhat do you love about writing a story?

Erika Lindsen: Ideas bug me. I get a character, plot or detail about a story and I can’t sleep without writing it down. No God complex.  Getting to know a character and their world and being able to help them create and live in it is my favorite part.

Books & WritingHow do you overcome writer’s block (if you experience this of course)?

Erika Lindsen: Reading. I see how other authors work and it seems to get my juices flowing. Thankfully writer’s block hasn’t lasted too long for me.

Books & WritingCan you tell us a bit about your book “THE THREE SIBLING ADVENTURES”?

Erika Lindsen: It is about three kids, siblings, who are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Their imaginations get rolling and then they are transported to a world where their dreams come true.

Books & WritingHow did you come up with the story for the book?

Erika Lindsen: My niece Vivica. One day she was telling me she wanted to be a cat when she grows up. I had always wanted to write a children’s book and with her help we got a plot out. Vivica is my muse. 

Books & WritingCan you tell us something about the charity that’s connected to the book? Because I understand all proceeds will go to the Toledo Children's Hospital oncology.

Erika Lindsen: In 2009 my nephew Joey was diagnosed with leukemia. It was the hardest news I’ve ever had to deal with. After so many visits there, I wanted to give back to kids who are real heroes. We bought each child a bag of Christmas present in 2011. The hospital, nurses and doctors have been angels to Joey. They celebrate his birthday and give him presents, which he really loves.

Books & WritingYou also wrote a paranormal romance novel called “Soul”

Erika Lindsen: Yes. Soul shows my love for paranormal and romance. It was my first novella.

Books & WritingWhere did you get the inspiration from to write this book?

Erika Lindsen: One of the fun jobs I’ve had was working at a haunted house. I was surrounded by demons and began to think about the kinds there were. Fast forward six months and I just had to write it down.

Books & WritingCan you tell us something about the main character?

Erika Lindsen: The main man is Drebin, my demon. He hates life, good, and all humanity is. His true love is watching someone take their own life. Until he meets Ally.

Books & WritingDo you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Erika Lindsen: Everyone always says to never give up. I agree but I would have to say to believe in yourself. You have to be your number one cheerleader.

Books & WritingWhich author inspires you?

Erika Lindsen: Iris Johansen, definitely.

Books & WritingWhere can people go and read your work?

Erika Lindsen: Amazon: 

Solstice Publishing:

Books & WritingWhere can people find you on internet?

Erika Lindsen: Facebook: erika.lindsen, Twitter:  @erikatalbot, 

My site:

Below is an excerpt from her book "Soul"!

Chapter One: Drebin’s Mission

A soul—something humans held onto it like it had worth. It was my job to take that wealth, and I did so with a smile.

Blood dripped from her wrist in little plunks of crimson drops. Her life was fading away. I pulled a knife from my pocket and gently scored the blade across my forearm. I couldn’t believe I’d taken over four hundred lives. Tonight was just the end of another day at work.

I looked down at the red puddle growing beneath her. Humans always left behind a mess. Just the sight of her disgusting fluids oozing made the fibers of my being thankful I never had a soul.

            “Maybe I should go to the hospital,” the girl whispered.

            Gently stroking her cheek, I shook my head.

            “I…I can’t kill myself.”

            I sighed. “Bethany, we’ve talked about this. Look at yourself; I’ve never seen a girl as fat as you. Cottage cheese has less curd.”

            “I could lose weight.”

            “My dear, you’ve been saying that for months and yet you grow larger every day. And don’t get me started on the waste of oxygen you are at work; the middle cubicle everyone avoids. Last week, while you were sick, they had a party. The alcohol flowed, and the laughter spread throughout the building. Life was better without you.”

            Her blood-soaked palms covered her face, muffling the sobs. I picked up her sweater and tossed it at her. Bethany looked at me, confused.

            “Wipe your nose. You look disgusting with snot dripping all over.” I peered down at the blood that gushed from her wrist; it was almost time.

            “Drebin? Are you sure this is what’s best?” She was searching for an escape. There was no escaping Hell.


            A single tear rolled down her cheek. Her finger pressed against the droplet. As she glanced at the tear, her body started to sway. She was dying.

            “Goodnight, my dear Bethany.”

            “Thank you, Drebin.”

            “Shh. Soon you will be where you belong.”

            “In heaven?”

            I smiled, “No, not in heaven. Hell.”

            Her eyes widened moments before the light dimmed in them.

            Four-twenty-one’s soul was mine. Lucifer, my Savior, would be pleased at my progress. Snapping my fingers, my notebook landed in my hands. I wiped the blood from the floor and scratched off Bethany’s name.

Next on the list was four-twenty-two: Alexia Downer. Not even a prayer could save her.

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