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Interview with author Lynette Mather

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This time I had the pleasure to interview author Lynette Mather also known as L.A.Thunder who was raised in Detroit, Michigan. She is the middle child of five children. She has four sisters and one brother. Lynette is the mother of three children, and has three grandbabies. She has her associates in Child Development and is a Certified Paralegal. However, she works full time in sales and is happily married to her husband, Jim. She currently resides in Plymouth, Michigan.

Books & WritingWhen did you discover your love for writing?

Lynette Mather: When I was young, my mother once told me that I would carry around a notebook and a pen, never a blanket. So I’ve always loved writing.

Books & WritingHave you always been interested in Poetry?

Lynette Mather: Yes, to me poetry speaks to the soul.  I reach deep with the poetry I write to connect with my readers, and I hope along the way that something I’ve written will help someone else in their life’s journey.

Books & WritingWhat attracts you in Poetry?

Lynette Mather: Writers who know how to connect to their readers and make them feel what they're feeling through the words they’ve written. I adore poets whom write about things that matter to them. I write poetry stories, so every poem I’ve ever written has a story to tell.

Books & WritingI understand your published book “Unspoken Secrets” is a fantasy novel. What attracts you in fantasy?

Lynette Mather: My entire life I’ve been surrounded by children and teenagers, who are my inspiration, and the reason I got my degree in child development.  Just watching my children grow up, and the things they would say and do brought: Unspoken Secrets to life.

Books & WritingWhen did you start writing “Unspoken Secrets”?

Lynette Mather: I began writing Unspoken Secrets in 2007.

Books & WritingCan you tell us something about “Unspoken Secrets”?

Lynette Mather: 

“Six Teenagers are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, and what they learn about their past, will change their future forever."

Do you believe in magic? This question has been asked thousands of times, but for six teenagers in Plymouth, Michigan, this question is about to be answered, when they stumble upon an abandoned warehouse and a treasure filled with jewels. The problem: These six teenagers are then propelled to another world, another time, before computers, cell phones, and X-Box. The new world they’ve entered is all about their heritage and learning to accept the past, and when they’re pushed to do the right thing and try to reclaim what was stolen from their families years ago, the six teenagers find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. While they struggle for survival, they learn the true meaning of family, friendship, and loyalty, as they’re forced to fight for what they believe in, and soon discover a heritage so strong, it’ll change their future forever. 

Books & WritingAre you working on a new book at the moment? 

Lynette Mather: Yes, I’m working on several books. The next book I will be releasing is: Deadly Steam, My main character is, Jacob Webster who is investigating the disappearance of his brother, Billy, but the one question that has always haunted Jacob is: “How do you find justice for someone who’s really not there?” It’s a mystery, suspense novel.

Books & WritingWhere can people find you on the internet and buy your book?

Lynette Mather: People can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Goodreads, Goggle Plus and my website: my book is available through Amazon and Barnes &

Books & WritingWhich writer(s) inspires you?

Lynette Mather: Stephen King, and Nora Roberts

Books & WritingDo you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Lynette Mather: Keep writing and reaching for your dreams because the one person who can make your dream a reality is you.

Books & WritingThanks Lynette for taking the time to answer my questions!

Below is an excerpt from her book "Unspoken Secrets". 


   The day started out much like any other day in Kimmy Washington’s life, except for the dark swirl of mist that she discovered outside her bedroom window this morning when she awoke. Being the brave teen that she is, she opened the window and watched the dark mist slowly enter her room, where it drifted over to her bedroom door, opened it, and slowly made its way down the hall to her parent’s bedroom. Kimmy followed it, and slipped into her parent’s room, undetected, she hoped, because if her mother ever found out Kimmy was in her room without permission she would be grounded until she turned eighteen. In Kimmy’s calculation that was five years away, so she made sure she stayed as quiet as possible, as she watched the mist travel over to a wall. The mist removed a mirror and Kimmy noticed a dark blue circle.

   Somehow, the mist opened the circle and Kimmy saw a key, which immediately illuminated the entire room. Kimmy watched in fascination and horror as the mist placed the key in her hand. She studied it for a moment not knowing what any of it meant, and when she heard the stairs creek, she knew her mother was coming. Kimmy slowly opened her parent’s bedroom door saw the hallway was clear, and walked quickly to her room. Once she closed her bedroom door, she watched the mist travel back over to her window, and float outside. She raced over to it, but the mist was gone, it had completely vanished. When she placed the key in her pocket she felt her heart beating as if it were in a race against time. She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down, and wondered again what just happened. Why was the strange mist outside her window? What was the key to, and why did the mist give it to her? What was she suppose to do with it now?

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