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Interview with writer Tiger Hebert

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This time I am talking to writer Tiger Hebert who is working on an online novel called "Beating Back the Darkness". He is a 29 year old born-again Christian, husband, and father of two (both of which are under the age of three). He is currently a quality assurance engineer for a GPS company, but he has previously spent time in various industries and in the United States Military. He grew up in the small town of Livermore, Maine where he fell in love with sports and fantasy.  Growing up he never thought he could have a career in either of those, so he pursued the "practical" professions, only to learn that he just was not doing anything he was passionate about.  So in the last year he started an NFL Football site called The Tiger Report, has gone back to college, and decided to finally pursue writing again.

Books & WritingFirst of all, where did you get your cool nickname Tiger from?

Tiger Hebert: I was born to a single mother that was just a child herself.  Being just sixteen years old, my mother was there with only her mother, father, and youngest brother. I was legally named after my Grandfather and my Uncle out of respect, but my mother knew the challenges that life presented.  So she nicknamed me Tiger, because she said I would be strong, a survivor.  The name stuck, and it's the only name that fits me.
Books & WritingWhat got you interested in writing?

Tiger Hebert: As a child I really enjoyed creative writing assignments in school, but I believe it was fear that prevented me from ever doing anything with the desire. Even as a teenager I really wanted to write fiction as well as lyrics, but I just never took the step.  After I dropped out of college, for financial reasons, I ended up joining the military. During that time, I felt so isolated and misunderstood that I felt like I was going to explode if I did not write something.  So I began writing shortly after basic training ended. They were mostly just angry lyrics aimed at being judged and doubted. One of the few friends I had at the time found the lyrics and became a huge encouragement to me. So from there I began to occasionally write lyrics and eventually poetry, and started to realize I had a way with words.

Books & WritingI understand you are writing a story online on your blog Why did you decide to write it online?

Tiger Hebert: After getting married and having two children and everything that came with that, becoming so busy that I essentially put writing on the shelf.  The desire to write never went away though.   My desire was really focused on writing a fantasy novel.  It had been so long since I had written anything,  so I decided I would start a blog and write the book in sections.  I felt it would be a manageable way for me to work on it, while generating feedback and interest at the same time.

Books & WritingWhat is “Beating Back the Darkness” about?

Tiger Hebert: The world of Aurion has seen it's battles and skirmishes, but nothing like what is on the horizon.  An unprecedented time of evil is unfolding before our eyes in Beating Back the Darkness.  Kingdoms throughout the known world will be plunged into an epic fight for survival, and some will not survive.  Beating Back the Darkness takes the reader through the conflicts as they happen, and the decisions that will determine the fate of mankind and more.

Books & WritingHow did you come up with the story?

Tiger Hebert: In our everyday lives we are living in a world where there is a constant struggle of good versus evil, light versus darkness.  We all have the potential for good and evil, and it is those choices that tell our story.  And when we do decide to fight against evil, how will will prevail?  These are some of the underlying plot elements that drive the characters and events that make the story.  In "Beating Back the Darkness" I want to break the mold for fantasy fiction.  A rather bold venture for someone that has never published a book before, but I am not afraid.    I want to take some elements and staples from the genre, and deliver it in an unconventional way.

Books & WritingWhere did you get the art from that’s accompanying your story?

Tiger Hebert: As far as the art is concerned, I am simply displaying some art on the blog.  They are not my works, nor do I take any credit for them.  I feel like those works are quality pieces that reflect a portion of what I am trying to share in those pieces.  I am actually looking for any aspiring artists that would be willing to work with me to create art for the book.  So if anyone out there is interested, let me know.  ; )

Books & WritingAre you planning on publishing it?

Tiger Hebert: I am interested in publishing, but I am not sure how I want to approach it yet.  There are some good avenues out there such as along with other methods.  I definitely will pursue the eBook avenue, but hopefully more than that.  I do want to make sure that there is always access to some free content for the fans as well, so there needs to be a balance.

Books & WritingDo you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Tiger Hebert: I am probably not a source for advice to other authors just yet.  However one piece of advice that applies to all areas of life is to be fearless.  Free from fear of critics, naysayers, and failure.  I fear God alone, nothing else.  So be fearless

Below is an  Excerpt from Beating Back the Darkness: Chapter 1 - Fire on the Mountain

A rumbling of thunder began to echo among the cries of the wind struck cliffs.  The vibration of the thunder resonated through his bones as he raced up the trail, but the thunder grew louder.  Looking behind him, terror filled his heart as he realized it was not thunder at all.  It was the hooves that were pounding the earth as they chased him.  He did not have time to count or identify his pursuers, he must reach the tower and light the beacon. 

Just as he started the final ascent up the ridge, his right leg burst into agony and he crashed to the ground.  Blood was spurting from the wound, where the arrow pierced him.  Attempting to get up he only stumbled.  The thunder was drawing closer.  It was his last chance.  Pulling a signal arrow from his quiver, he quickly lit it with his flint, and nocked the arrow on his bow.  Aiming it for the top of his sentry tower, he drew back the string.

His pursuers racing towards him with their bows drawn, and with a grunt the flurry of arrows were loosed.  As the sinews on the bows snapped, the large arrows were hurled towards the scout.  Slipping his two fingers off the string, the scout fired the flaming signal arrow as his body violently absorbed the impact of four arrows.  Impaled, gasping for breath as blood poured from his mouth he watched his scout tower became a flaming pyre.  His job was done.

Thank you Tiger for taking the time to answer my questions! Good luck with your online story and i hope you will get it published one day!

PS If some artists feel they want to help out Tiger with the artwork for his site, drop by his website and contact him!

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